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In today’s video, I am sharing with you how I prepared this beautiful native jollof rice that was inspired by Sisi Yemmie. This Nigerian Cuisine can also be described as Palm Oil rice or Nigerian Jollof Rice.

Ingredients for this dish is as follows:
250ml of palm oil
250ml of pepper paste (Shambo and Tatashe), you can replace the shambo with Atarodo if you wish
125ml of blended Atarodo
250ml of Meat stock
4 cups of washed rice
Diced Ponmo, Beef/goatmeat. shaki
Scattered Smoked Fish
Dried Prawn
Pepper, ground crayfish, salt, seasoning cubes

For the Plantain, aka Dodo
Ripe Plantain
Hot Groundut/Canola Oil (Any Oil you can use to fry)

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